Diary of a man and his woodland

A blog about a man's dream to own a small woodland.

A New Adventure

Dreams can come true sometimes. Forty years ago I had a dream about owning a small woodland. A love of trees and the realisation that our natural woodlands were disappearing was my inspiration. I wanted a place where I could plant some trees for future generations to enjoy. To put something back into our planet that was good and wholesome. To watch them grow and observe nature in it’s wonderful and complex beauty. A place where I could reconnect body and soul with our natural birthplace. This is my new adventure, where will it take me, what will I achieve?

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First visit to view  my woodland

First visit to view my woodland

3 thoughts on “A New Adventure

  1. Hello David,
    I read your article in ‘ The Bodgers Gazette’ Issue 122 / Spring2022.
    A thought you might be interested in building a Lockdown Pallet Hive for your feral bees.
    You won’t be bee keeping just providing the best home for the bees and giving the Little Owls back their nesting box..

    Be Well

  2. That’s very interesting thanks Joe. The bees left but I might build one anyway to tempt some back. I really enjoyed just having them there. Much appreciated

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